Magnolia Willow Large Hand Wash

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Magnolia Willow Large Hand Wash


Introducing Thymes Magnolia Willow Room Spray, the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any room. This airy, floral fragrance is complete with dewy magnolia blossoms, mandarin, jasmine leaves, and white mahogany. This handwash gently lathers to leave hands feeling clean. This is for anyone who loves that lovely floral and citrus scents. Give it a try today.

Wash Your Hands With One Of Our Most Favorite Citrus Scents

Looking for a luxurious handwash for your guest bathroom in the house? Thymes Magnolia Willow Handwash is the product for you. Formulated to be gentle foaming, this handwash has notes of magnolia blossoms, jasmine, delicate willow, white mahogany, and mandarin. It’s the perfect combination of sweet floral with the freshness of citrus from mandarin orange peels. This scent profile is just perfect for any kitchen or bathroom.


The Magnolia WIllow Handwash Is The Perfect Touch Of Luxury

Looking for a handwash that will make you feel like you just walked into a garden full of exotic flowers? Well, look no further than Thymes Magnolia Willow Handwash! This refreshing fragrance inspired by sunshine rays on a blossoming garden will inspire joy and renewal with its delicate notes of delicate willow and dewy magnolia blossoms. Accented with sheer mandarin, crushed jasmine leaves, and white mahogany, this handwash is perfect for those who want to feel pampered and beautiful every day. So why wait? Grab a bottle of Thymes Magnolia Willow Handwash; you will be impressed!


Up Your Handwashing Game With This Product

Looking for a way to up your hand-washing game? Look no further than the Magnolia willow hand wash! This product is perfect for those who want to get more compliments on their hand washing when they have company. The Magnolia Willow Hand Wash is very mild and has a beautiful floral scent. The packaging is also very stylish, making it perfect for those who want to make a statement with their washing product. So why wait? Order the Magnolia Willow Hand Wash today and start getting more compliments on your hand washing than ever before!


Thymes Magnolia Handwash Information / Features

  • Creamy floral and fresh scents
  • 15 FL OZ / 443 ML
  • 5 Star Rating