A Well-Kept Home Book

A Well-Kept Home Book


A Well-Kept Home reexamines the ancient ways our ancestors lived in order to feed, clean, decorate, groom, and tend to the garden. In this book, Laura Fronty draws on her grandmother’s experiences in the kitchen and the garden in order to offer helpful hints and natural solutions for preparing satisfying meals, washing clothes and surfaces, restoring beauty, and gardening simply. Even the most menial tasks can deliver a great amount of pleasure, as well as tips for undertaking a range of domestic activities, such as preparing bitter orange marmalade or instant shortcrust pastry, lighting a fire, waxing wooden floors, treating delicate fabrics with ivy water, and making lily oil facial moisturizing lotion. We learn how to care for our homes by altering our perspective on the daily chores associated with them.

Take Yourself Back To Simpler Days With A Well-Kept Home

A Well-Kept Home explores how to cook, clean, decorate, and garden using more natural methods, remembering how our ancestors handled such tasks. Drawing on her grandmother's life recollections, Laura Fronty, a talented artist, offers helpful tips and natural solutions for food preparation, cleaning clothes and surfaces, beauty treatments, and gardening in this beautifully illustrated book. Take yourself back to simpler days by grabbing a copy of A Well-Kept Home Decorative Book.


The Coffee Table Book For The Homebody In You

Want to go back to a simpler way of living? This is the coffee table book for you. A Well-Kept Home is perfect for the homebody who wants to take a step back from today’s technology-laden homes into a more natural way of life. With recipes for homemade marmalades and pastries and natural solutions to washing delicate fabrics, this decorative book will be great to flip through as you lounge in your living room.


Level Up Your Home’s Upkeep With A Well-Kept Home Decorative Book

Laura Fronty, a renowned illustrator, describes her grandmother's domestic and horticultural experiences in this fantastic publication, giving straightforward cooking tips, rustic cleansing techniques, natural beauty treatments, and gardening techniques, among other things. She emphasizes how even the most basic of tasks is rewarding and provides tips for various domestic issues, such as making bitter orange marmalade or instant shortcrust pastry, lighting a fire, waxing wooden floors, and preparing lily oil for face moisturization. We'll


A Well-Kept Home Book Decor Information / Features

  • Published 2015
  • 4.5 Star Rating
  • Extensive Commentary
  • 160 Pages
  • English Language
  • Dimensions 7.99 x 0.88 x 10.14 inches