Lavender Lemongrass 1803 Candles

Lavender Lemongrass 1803 Candles


A refreshing candle, Lavender Lemongrass is a highly requested scent. 1803’ Lavender Lemongrass soy candles have just the right combination of lavender and lemongrass to bring you a brisk, uplifting scent that soothes the weary soul. A Lavender Lemongrass any time your spirit needs a stimulating boost!

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This Soy Candle Will Sooth The Weary Soul

One of 1803 Candles’ most requested scents is Lavender Lemongrass - and for a good reason. The combination of the floral and herbal notes of lavender and the fresh and earthy fragrance of lemongrass is a treat to the sense. There’s an aromatherapeutic quality to this candle that fills up the room when you light it - an instant soothing effect on your tired body and soul.

Light This Soy Candle For When Your Spirit Needs A Stimulating Boost

When you’re feeling quite down from the heavy burdens of life, this soy candle might just be what you need. 1803 Candles has combined the essence of two relaxing and mood-enhancing scents into this Lavender Lemongrass soy candle. A definite must-have for your scented candle collection. Try 1803 Candles’ Lavender Lemongrass today.

Looking For An Uplifting Scent? This Soy Candle Is For You

Whether you’re looking for a scented candle to complete your aromatherapy setup at home or you just love collecting them, Lavender Lemongrass is a candle you shouldn’t miss. Formulated with the uplifting aroma of lavender mixed with the earthy scent of lemongrass, there is a reason why many of 1803 Candles’ customers keep coming back for this when they run out. Don’t be left out; get a jar of Lavender Lemongrass for yourself today.


Lavender Lemongrass 1803 Candles Features

  • 14 fl. oz. Jar
  • Burns for 80 hours
  • Made from 100% soy wax
  • Biodegradable
  • Clean burning
  • Water Soluble
  • Clean Burning
  • Virtually soot-free with proper candlewick maintenance and burn time
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Prop 65 Chemicals
  • No Phthalates
  • No Petroleum byproducts
  • No Paraffin or Dyes
  • Cotton braided wick
  • Soy Based Premium Fragrance & Essential oils are blended into melted soy wax flakes.



Technical Details

Lavender Lemongrass Candle Technical Information
Product Dimensions 6” W x 4” H
Material Glass
Specific Uses Scent
Occasion Everyday
Wick Quantity 1
Item Weight 14 Ounces
Assembled Height 4 inches
Assembled Weight 6 inches
Assembled Width 4 inches