The 1803 Candle Holiday Collection Is Here!

Are you looking for 1803 Christmas candles? You came to the right place we have one of the largest selections of 1803 candles for sale online. When buying your 1803 candle from d’annata we will include our complimentary gift wrapping service for your convenience and surprise that special someone this holiday season.

Complimentary Gift Wrapping With Purchase

Everybody’s Talking About 1803 Candles This Holiday Season

Discover the largest selection online of 1803 candle scents, delightful to give or receive during the holidays.
  • Christmas At The Farm White Collection 1803 Candle

    Christmas At The Farm – 1803 Candle

  • Cinnamon Cookies White Collection 1803 Candle2

    Cinnamon Cookies – 1803 Candle

  • Merry Christmas White Collection 1803 Candle

    Merry Christmas – 1803 Candle

  • Peace Joy White Collection 1803 Candle

    Peace & Joy – 1803 Candle

  • Warm Cozy White Collection 1803 Candle

    Warm & Cozy – 1803 Candle

  • Family Everything 1803 Candles

    Family Everything 1803 Candles

  • Home By The Fire 1803 Candles

    Home By The Fire 1803 Candles

  • Believe 1803 Candles

    Believe – 1803 Candles

  • Yuletide Cinnamon 1803 Candles

    Yuletide Cinnamon – 1803 Candles

  • Sleigh Bells Snowflakes 1803 Candles

    Sleigh Bells & Snowflakes – 1803 Candles

  • Pine Needles Berries 1803 Candles

    Pine Needles & Berries – 1803 Candles

  • Homestead Holiday 1803 Candles

    Homestead Holiday – 1803 Candles

  • Home For Christmas 1803 Candles

    Home For Christmas – 1803 Candles

  • Mistletoe Kisses 1803 Candles

    Mistletoe Kisses – 1803 Candles

  • Christmas At The Farm 1803 Candles

    Christmas At The Farm – 1803 Candles

  • Cookies For St Nick 1803 Candles

    Cookies For St. Nick – 1803 Candles

  • Fresh Cut Christmas Trees 1803 Candles

    Fresh Cut Christmas Trees – 1803 Candles

  • Cornbread Honey 1803 Candles

    Cornbread & Honey – 1803 Candles

  • Cabin On The Hill 1803 Candles

    Cabin On The Hill – 1803 Candles


1803 Candles Free Shipping Included, We Make It Easier For You To Shop This Season.

Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service

Looking for a thoughtful and unique gift? Take advantage of d’annata’s Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone special, choose from a curated selection of 1803 candle scents and we will wrap it beautifully and carefully ship it to any destination that you choose.
1803 Candle Wrapping

Savor Holiday Memories With The Newest 1803 Candle White Collection

In the rich tradition of the Christmas season we are excited to exclusively carry the newest Limited Edition 1803 Candles that were specially commissioned for our boutique! These luxurious candles come in a variety of scents and are sure to please any recipient. Made with pure soy wax, they’re a fusion of some of the most familiar scents around the holidays.

The aesthetic of the White Collection is a perfect blend of simplicity and luxury. The scents of these candles are warm and savory, making them the perfect way to set the mood. Whether you’re looking for a festive evening while decorating your tree or just want to create a cozy atmosphere for your family gathering, these candles are sure to do the trick. So don’t wait any longer, order your Limited Edition 1803 Candles today!

How It Works


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During the checkout process select if the 1803 candle is a gift and proceed with purchase.

If you have any questions or would like us to send gifts to multiple recipients please call us at 702-457-4457 or email us at we are always happy to assist.

The Story Of 1803 Candles

Step back in time with the 1803 Soy Candle. This candle has a beautiful design that will add a touch of class to any room. The fragrance is perfect for setting the mood or taking you back to happy childhood memories during the holiday season. Whether you want to bring back the past or create new memories, this candle is sure to help you do so. 1803 candles are made to enjoy your favorite holiday moments or to keep for years as a treasured heirloom. Explore our entire collection of 1803 candles.

Visit Our Boutique Of Luxury Candles & Luxe Gifts

If you are visiting or live in the Las Vegas area we invite you to come visit our luxe gift shop located in the heart of Tivoli Village. We have a wide variety of luxury items that are perfect for any special occasion. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, holiday, or just because, we have something for everyone.
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We have the widest selection of 1803 Candles and holiday favorite scents like such as:

  • 1803 Candles Cabin On The Hill
  • 1803 Candles Cornbread and Honey
  • 1803 Candles Farmhouse
  • 1803 Candles Lemon Drop Cookie
  • 1803 Candles Mistletoe Kisses
  • 1803 Candles Perfect Morning
  • 1803 Candles Pine Needles and Berries
  • 1803 Candles Ray Of Sunshine
  • 1803 Candles Buttered Rum
  • 1803 Candles Christmas at The Farm
  • 1803 Candles Cider Mill
  • 1803 Candles Kisses For Santa
Our 1803 candles come with free shipping on orders over $200 and we will process your order as soon as we receive it. We proudly ship your 1803 candle scents from the most famous d’annata boutique located in Las Vegas, NV. With the additional care and attention we provide when handling your gift you will receive it ahead of time and in display case condition. If your local to Las Vegas and your’e looking to buy “1803 Candles Near Me” you will have the best experience in our boutique and can sample all the beautiful 1803 scent lists.


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Michael Cristalli
Michael Cristalli
December 1, 2023.
Absolutely beautiful store. Amazing customer service. Helped me pick out beautiful gift when I had no idea what I was doing.
Norma Edwards
Norma Edwards
November 20, 2023.
Very nice candles
Katherine Canto
Katherine Canto
October 1, 2022.
Adorable boutique. So many beautiful things for gifts, home and you. The customer service is excellent. They offer complimentary gift wrapping. Will deliver curbside. It’s not shopping 🛍 it’s an experience 💖
Jennifer Couch
Jennifer Couch
July 21, 2022.
Beautiful shop with plenty of great scents.
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Leslie Rosser
July 21, 2022.
What a wonderful find! This boutique is beautiful and smells amazing. Lots of treasures. Love the candle and white summer dress I bought. Can’t wait to go back.
A Elon
A Elon
July 14, 2022.
d’annata is my favorite stores in Tivoli Village. The employees are outstanding and so helpful. I usually visit to get gifts and look at new furniture pieces. The atmosphere is wonderful and so different from other stores which is refreshing.
Joshua Copeland
Joshua Copeland
November 1, 2021.
Some nice things, but overpriced
akasha psychic
akasha psychic
September 10, 2021.
Such a great store!
Elizabeth Finley
Elizabeth Finley
June 6, 2021.
Gorgeous locally owned store. If you enjoy sending letters to loved ones, they always have beautiful and unique cards. Much better quality than what you might find at a chain stationary store.